Clear design


Světlá kuchyně na míru


Kitchen with a sculptural look


Professional kitchen


Architektova kuchyně Dipl. Norbert Krähling


Na neobvyklém místě


Timeless style combination


Kitchen in the countryside


Luxury Kitchen. Family place and meeting point. Symbol of social status. Witch’s lair. Master’s workshop. Kitchen of your dreams. It is not for everyone! It is for you!

Welcome to the plan 3 website!

We are a well-established and coordinated team of German designers, architects and Czech master handicraftsmen. We specialize in providing full and professional bespoke kitchen service - planning, design, consultancy, manufacture luxury kitchen, assembly and installation.

Philosophy: Uncompromising and individual

We would like to show you that a modern kitchen can be something more than just a workplace. It represents also luxury, passion and a life style. Flexible and responsive design approach together with close contact with a customer throughout the whole process enable us to design unconventional cooking spaces and personalise our custom-made kitchen solutions to your desires, taste and needs.

Materials: Long durability and aesthetics.

We always work with a wide range of different materials that are used either independently or in a sensible combination. We use not only wood and stainless or black steel, but also artificial stone, natural stone, mass concrete and glass, which are all ideal for the kitchen areas and bestow them a timeless elegance.

Final outcome: Unique design kitchens that go far beyond all standards.

Thanks to a functional design, a wide selection of materials and a flexible technical processing made possible by our workshop you will fall in love with our kitchens. When all of this is combined with first-class appliances of prestigious brands such as BORA and Gaggenau, no wonder your cooking experience will turn into a real pleasure.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Let yourself be tempted!