BORA is a German company which produces kitchen appliances and specializes on unique extracting technique – drawing off vapours and odour downwards using cross flow directly through the cooktop, where vapour is generated. Thanks to this simple physical principle it is more efficient than the other cooker hoods. The BORA professional cooktops with extra-depth 54cm offer various cooking options – ranging from glass-ceramics, through induction to teppan grill while ensuring professional cooking. Combined with the wide selection of flexibly combinable professional cooking ranges, BORA offers a real advantage in its application is characterized by a simple ageless design, functionality and firs-class quality materials. The BORA products are popular for its serviceability, efficiency and energy-low costs.

BORA Basic — a revolution for every kitchen

From the potent combination consisting of a powerful cooktop and an effective cooker extractor hood we succeeded in creating an attractive unit called BORA Basic. This world innovation with its attractive price-performance ratio will finally herald the end of the conventional kitchen hoods. Since with BORA Basic everyone is now given a chance to enjoy all the advantages of BORA, this represents a successful step towards the high-quality kitchen. The extra-special value of this compact unit is also demonstrated by the easy-to- use operate high-performance electronics developed by BORA. It is good to know that BORA Basic can be installed in any type of a kitchen in a few minutes and it is ready to use straight away.

BORA Classic — Redefining ergonomics and efficiency

Anyone who has clear ideas of quality, design and technology will fulfill their personal kitchen and culinary dreams and desires with the BORA Classic production range. Whether you decide to choose a surface-mounted or flush-mounted option, the individual modules will be incorporated into the kitchen design in an aesthetically appealing way. Equipped with a smart touch control, BORA Classic underscores the modern kitchen design stands out from the crowd.

BORA Professional — The BORA Professional brand represents the interconnection of innovation and aesthetics.

The symbiosis of innovation, aesthetics and effectiveness. The new BORA Professional was developed with the aim of combining simplicity, functionality and the highest possible performance within a single, electronically controlled system. The heart of the Revolution 2.0 is the user interface thanks to which the cooktops and extractor hood communicate with one another. BORA Professional 2017 unites a fascinating sense for form, minimalist design, use of superior carefully selected materials and high efficiency. It represents an absolutely originally ingenious system, which brings a whole new dimension to the kitchen planning without any limits!