Jiné Café

Jiné Café - once again a little…..different! The place seems to be almost spiritual and its special atmosphere is amplified with the hand-made furniture. The extraordinary combination of materials plays together with the perfect room functionality very well while keeping its unique look. Both the concrete balustrade and unfinished "holed wall" represent purely modern design elements and they may be perceived and viewed differently. Nevertheless, for us it is the art itself, which you will fall in love with more and more every time you visit this place. All the furniture is the result of a long manufacturing process, which was historically inspired in a very diverse way.

The core of Jiné Café isn´t just designed with some no-name goods from mass production. Only exclusive and unique furnishing is present here. Solid oak and hand-processed metal both feel pleasantly warm to the touch. The already mentioned concrete, which is also dominant in the interior, is characterized by a natural surface treatment as well as the rest of the materials. All the installed appliances as for example coffee makers, ice-maker machines or cooling plants or are of top-quality, which doesn´t mean a higher price for us, but an added value, less worries, a longer durability and ….a totally different Jiné Café.

Jiné Café UH / Video