Planning. Creation. Realization. plan 3 designs made-to- measure furniture and focuses primarily on the custom-made kitchens for homes. Through a tasteful and skilful combination of old and new design elements we are able to make unique cooking spaces which represent something more than just a workplace. We create high-quality living space made according to your our taste, desires and needs – which is aesthetical, practical and distinctive at the same time. The secret lies in the chosen approach: not only the particular pieces of furniture determine the aim and character of our work, but the entire space atmosphere together with its usefulness and functionality are primarily decisive for us. Thanks to the perfect design and precise craftsmanship we breathe life into every new kitchen.

During the concept preparations we like to follow the long tested and proven archetypal layout of kitchen. This for centuries used kitchen composition with a fireplace and a workspace in the middle represents not just a place for cooking, but also a living space and a family meeting point. This conceptual idea implemented with the use of modern techniques and tailored to your desires and expectations really gives a promise for uniqueness, long lasting design and long durability of the space.

All great and small details as well as the quality of all the used materials make every piece of furniture absolutely unique. Generous originals for demanding customers.


Sascha Vetter

(Company development, Project planning, Coordination)

Upon the completion of his building design studies, Sascha Vetter starts to work for the company B. Schragen Möbel + Objekte in Germany, where he is responsible for the design and realization of exclusive private and public interior spaces. In 1999, he founds his own business under the already existing brand plan 3 in Germany, which is in charge of the first purchasing contracts for private kitchens and office furnishing. Urged by his constant desire to find new inspiration, Sascha Vetter passes several internships, for instance in the bulthaup Walter Müller kitchen studio as well as with some other renowned architects. In 2000 he begins with his architecture studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, which makes him to relocate from Siegen to Prague. Here, in his new home he decides not only to establish a Czech branch of plan 3 CR, but it is right here where the idea of having his own café is born. Thus, in 2004 he opens the first and instantly very popular Jiné Café in Uherske Hradiste, which is followed by another branch in Zlin in 2006. In the years of 2008 and 2009 Sascha Vetter works as coordinator of the contracts for the hotels Rococo Forte Munich and Martinez Cannes, where he employs the services of Czech carpenter businesses. In 2011 his work keeps being successful in the field of gastronomy and he founds another new café under the brand Jiné Café, the biggest one in Uherske Hradiste till then. At the present time he focuses mainly on maintaining, developing and expanding of the plan 3 brand.