What should be considered during kitchen planning?

Planning mistakes and errors delay the project and increase its costs. That is why we always work diligently, thoroughly and precisely at the same time. Here are several points which need to be taken in consideration:

  • The ground plan is the starting point for designing. The positioning of the individual furniture pieces while taking into account the proportions, ranges and minimum spacing distances represents the basis for creating an appropriate cooking environment.

  • Not only aesthetic aspects determine the planning itself, but it is also necessary to integrate high-quality materials and equipment which guarantee long-term kitchen functionality. A correspondingly reasonable cost estimate is therefore essential.

  • The height of the worktops needs to be adapted to their users. The usual industrial dimension of 90cm is today low for most people - an individual working adjusted to your body height allows you to work comfortably, relaxed and for a long time.

  • The worktop / storage space ratio must be balanced.

  • The installation planning requires getting exact details about water and sanitary facilities, electrical installations as well as about planned openings in the walls or covering the exhaust air ducting.

  • Appropriate lighting solution gives your kitchen the finishing touch. If you wish, we may bring you together with real lighting specialists who choose the right lighting concept for you.