Manufacture stands for precise handwork as well as artistic skills, craftsmanship and experience that are all essential for manufacturing our furniture. These cannot be easily handed over or delegated. That is why all our employees go through a top class training allowing them to carry out precise work, which is often lacking in industrial mass production. Almost all our pieces of furniture are made thanks to meticulous handwork. For sure that requires a lot of time and skills, but the reward is the custom-made product with a long durability. If it is desirable, some manufacturing process phases are supported by the latest technology and CAD planning, which helps us to combine craftsmanship and today high functionality demands. Each piece of furniture is completely unique – we leave the mass production to others.

plan 3 manufacture represents a conceptual solution both for our current and potential kitchen dealers. Applying an individual approach in made-to- measure manufacturing is treated as a matter of course not only for households, but also for a wide clientele from the field of gastronomy and trade. Thanks to our long-term experience with our own cafés under the brand Jiné Café, we would gladly advice you with the selection of materials, interior composition and the overall concept. We are used to work with a variety of building materials ranging from classic laminates or lacquer through artificial stone (e.g. corian), natural stone, stainless steel, glass and leather to various kinds of solid wood. We enjoy experimenting together with you while using only high-quality materials in our unique creations.

In case of any further questions or a particular purchase inquiry, please, don´t hesitate to contact our plan 3 company business partners.