Design kitchens from the modular office in Siegen

Today kitchens represent both the living space and the heart of our modern lives. The company plan 3 with its manufactory based in the Czech Republic together with the design studio situated in the above-ground bunker in Siegen plan and design kitchens with an absolutely unique character. The company owner Sascha Vetter and the kitchen designer Walter Müller primarily pay attention to their customers’ desires and the entire space atmosphere. The exceptional layout solutions, which give birth to their modern design and tailored kitchens, are far beyond any common standards. The most important factors while searching for the right kitchen are personal taste, the ground plan and customer’s functionality and aesthetics requirements. The kitchen manufacturer plan 3 combines all of them into a matchless outcome: individual design kitchens planned to absolute perfection, crafted with precision, perfectly integrated into living space concepts and made-to-measure for the particular residents.

Living kitchens where you will feel good. In our company the customers have an opportunity to present their own ideas and contribute to the kitchen project right from the start. Design without any limits and close customer contact throughout the entire development process represent the basis for individually designed kitchen spaces and also for a harmonious interior design. "Every kitchen is a unique piece characterised by its original details," says the owner Sascha Vetter. We offer something that is far away from what customers know from other kitchen suppliers. Our company plan 3 focuses on individual kitchen design while moving away from rigid brand layouts to bespoke "handmade" kitchens from own manufactory. We remain true to the 3 essentials of our company philosophy: planning, designing and implementation.

Genuine custom-made manufacturing. A long-established and well-coordinated team of German designers and architects together with Czech craftsmen offer designing, consulting, manufactory and assembly of stunning fitted kitchens out of one hand. All the kitchens made in our manufactory are preceded by an intensive planning phase. In addition to an attentive customer care, we dedicate a lot of time to a very careful manufacturing process and precise processing.

The custom-made unique pieces and made-to-measure furniture stand apart from the crowd thanks to their exclusive design. The use of high-quality materials such as solid authentic wood, precious or black steel, marble, mineral materials, natural stone, solid concrete or glass guarantees high longevity and durability. This combined with high-grade appliances from prestigious manufacturers transforms cooking into a real pleasure.

Kitchen design studio in the bunker in Siegen. The branch in Siegen with its stable customer base spreading between Hamburg and Munich provided for Sascha Vetter and his colleague Walter Müller (both born in Siegerland) an ideal location in the middle of Germany. Since November 2017, customers longing for something special have been able to find exactly what they look for in these unusual premises of the above-ground bunker in Siegen. Instead of displaying a hundred showroom kitchens of all kinds, the plan 3 manufactory presents here in the modular office a kitchen designed by Walter Müller specifically for this room. It is an extraordinary piece far away from the mainstream. "We have thus established a creative space for development in which our visitors can experience and perceive what we like most about kitchen design: Developing new ideas together that are tailored exactly to individual desires and needs," says Walter Müller.

Customers are welcome to our premises, where they can view the high-quality craftsmanship of the material processing, as well as the integration of state-of-the-art equipment technology. Don’t hesitate to turn your wishes and desires into a real kitchen design. Arrange an appointment or attend one of our customer cooking events with prominent chefs.

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